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Kohl’s Corporation is the leading departmental store in the USA which is the largest retailing chain.


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MyKohlscharge – About Kohls

This American Corporation was built or founded in the year 1927 by Maxwell Kohl. In 1927, he opened his first grocery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while the first departmental store was opened in 1962.

The Company has widespread over 49 states and has 1155 stores. It covers almost all the areas of the USA except for Hawaii. Based on the count for stores, Kohl’s company is the largest department store and 20th largest retailing chain. Additionally, by retails sales in 2013 it is the second-largest US department company. Every brand is almost covered by the company and it has high customer-friendly products.


The Company has its milestones and has numerous achievements. There is an unending list of the services provided by Kohls.

Some products related to its services are electronics, footwear, cosmetics, housewares, furniture, and much more. It covers the major necessities of daily life and thus is extensively used.

MyKohlscharge – Brief Introduction

Among all the other services provided by the Kohl’s company, Kohl’s charge is the major customer-friendly one. Through this, the user can manage all the transactions made from their account.

Simply, it is a kind of credit card. Login customers can keep a proper check on their current balance. Making payments and other such card services can be easily operated through MyKohlsCharge card.

We can access this card and can buy online any product available in the Kohl’s store. The Company offers various offers and discounts if you use this charge card. The first purchase promotional offer is also available there.